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August 28, 2012 / Nathan Kaehler

Welcome to my blogsite!

I hope my blogs provide a fresh, in-depth view on a wide range of topics related
to health and healing. There is much I have to share with my patients and others
interested that cannot be covered during patient visits or brief conversations.

Over the coming months and years I plan to write about the healing methods
I practice—custom herbal treatments and acupuncture—as well as the tradition
of medical treatment most familiar to me—classical Chinese medicine.

Much of my practice is devoted to supporting my patients in understanding
and healing psychoemotional and spiritual issues that relate to their physical
challenges, so I will also be blogging about the interrelationships between
the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical as well as healing that
embraces or integrates all of these.

Finally, medicine, health care and wellness are constantly evolving and there
are many current issues where I may be able to bring some clarity.

There is no shortage of material to write about, but less is often more (even
on the complex subject of health) so I plan for now to blog about once per month.
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Blessings for health and healing for you and all beings,

Nathan Kaehler, MA, LAc
Ojai Herbs & Acupuncture